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Fulfilling The Gospel Ministries International
 Fulfilling the Gospel Ministries, International (FGMI) of Marrero, LA was envisioned in 1974, named in 1976, chartered in 1977, and established in January of 1988. The ministry grew out of a weekly Bible Study held in the founder’s apartment.  As early as 1974-1979, street evangelism and campus ministry were the pulse and heartbeat of this ministry. From the beginning, the meetings were highly anointed with the outpouring of the Holy Spirit likened unto an Azusa experience and many souls were added to the Kingdom daily as the work went forth. 

After evangelizing, followed by a few years of the Pastorate, it became very apparent FGMI’s true calling would be to continue providing a platform not only to the office of the Pastor; but we were called to raise up Five-Fold ministers according to Scripture. 

“And he gave some, apostles; and some, prophets; and some, evangelists; and some, pastors and teachers;  for the perfecting of the saints, for the work of the ministry, for the edifying of the body of Christ.”  Ephesians 4:11-12. We experienced the severe trials and marks of the making of the apostle and prophet.  The process entailed many years of testing and scaring which has been used to develop us for our destiny.

April of 1988, in a true step of faith, we held our first tent meeting.  In May, with the help of school teachers and several volunteers, we began a “tutorial program” for children called “Operation Excellence.”  This program was implanted at the “Edward Steward, Sr. Community Center” located in the housing projects of Marrero.  Operation Excellence was later featured on the televised CBN 700 Club and the church was selected as “Church of the Week” for excellence in serving the community.

FGMI began to move back into its true calling to reach the inner cities in 1989. We journeyed to the streets, evangelizing the surrounding neighborhoods with prayer walks, preaching, teaching, praise, and worship. We also introduced child evangelism into the communities through gospel concerts, plays, and puppet shows.

During these times of outreach we had the privilege of partnering with various nationalities under the auspices of Youth With a Mission (better known as YWAM). God truly blessed us in the area of relationships during these times, and He is still faithful.

The Lord began dealing with our hearts more concerning the mission field. Our first trip was a joint effort in which we teamed up with another local body, Gideon Christian Fellowship, to travel  to St. Croix. Through relationships made through that trip we began attending international conferences in the Bahamas.   We have since extended our vision to touch ,additional foreign locations..  God has given us a vision for Belize, Russia and South Africa, just to mention a few.

As of this writing, seventeen years have passed since we begin taking missions seriously.  In 2002, we begin training and preparing other leaders to take the Gospel of the Kingdom unto the entire globe.  In 2003, we commissioned our first team through our “School of Ministries, International."  During this same year we also began our first class for children at our “Innovative School of Excellence.” Both of these schools have been placed on hold because of a fire in 2004 and then the devastating destruction of hurricane Katrina in 2005.  2011 brings us into rekindling plans to reopen both schools in the very near future.  

As we keep our hands to the plow, our history and Kingdom assignment brings us to one conclusion …we are an apostolic and prophetic people who are called with a global perspective. 

Revelation of the 
Kingdom must invade the Marketplace

   Without question, we are living in the greatest days ever on the planet to embrace and live for Jesus. The possibilities are endless in these shaking times. 

FGMI is now preparing for gathering a harvest that will be reached by equipping & deploying laborers into activation to the marketplace. Our journey begin in October 2013 and we will be relaunching Oct. 26-30, 2014!
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